NATIONAL RADIO - John McIntyre “Gorgeous, magnificent ... a triumph! Everyone I have shown it to has absolutely laughed out loud” {Click to here to listen to John's full review online}

NZ HERALD CANVAS MAGAZINE “Snappily written, gorgeously illustrated.”

THE BREEZE FM - Margaret Kouvelis “A modern fable with 3 classic characters (all easily identified with), Baa Baa Smart Sheep is delightful for its simplicity, quirkiness and laugh-out-loud humour. I found myself still chuckling at it a long time after reading.”

NATIONAL LIBRARY SERVICES “I had not been able to find a copy of Baa Baa Smart Sheep when I began reviewing this year’s (NZ Post Children’s Book Awards) shortlisted picture books. Having seen it, I have totally re-shuffled my Favourites’ List, putting this at the top for both Best Picture Book and the Children’s Choice award. Baa Baa Smart Sheep is ‘not-just-a-funny-book about poo’ but a smart modern take on the trickster tale and, like so many other trickster tales, a perfect example of persuasive language. Brilliant.”

WWW.KIDS-BOOKREVIEW.COM “Laugh out loud? Really? Yes. Yes. Yes. I not only laughed out loud - I guffawed and giggled my way through both these fabulous books. Boy, this is my kind of humour, ie: funny. Quirky, divine illustrations and mega dry humour is showcased through a series of dialogue speech bubbles between the two characters, that kind of made me almost wet my pants. I simply adore these characters and kids will, too.” read the full review here.

WWW.MAGPIES.NET.AU - Trevor Agnew “This picture book Is a sophisticated portrayal of a slyly mischievious sheep’s encounter with a slightly dim bird, Quirky Turkey. Little Baa Baa subtly coaxes the turkey into behaving so foolishly that even the youngest reader will enjoy feeling smarter than the luckless bird... Some may feel that this is a book aimed at adult buyers rather than children but be assured that the idea of tricking a turkey into eating small round black objects also strikes young readers right on the funny bone. As always the trickster, from Loki to Maui, from Brer Rabbit to Little Baa Baa, is a popular figure.”

SOUTHLAND TIMES - Jillian Allison-Aitken “Fantastic... a genuinely funny story that will keep mum and dad every bit as entertained as junior.”