WAIKATO TIMES - Sarah Laird “You're never supposed to judge a book by it's cover but you can't help it with this one... Beautifully illustrated… enchantingly philosophical… this story explores friendship, life and love. Written as rhythmically as the sea itself, children will love this rhyming tale as much as adults will enjoy telling it… a book that will definitely be a treasure to all those who discover it.” 

NATIONAL RADIO - John McIntyre “Quirky, romantic, philosophical, zen-like… It reminds me, in terms of message anyway, of ‘Oh the places you'll go’ by Dr Seuss - a sort-of realise your potential book - only the theme of this story seems to be more about friendship, perhaps love, cooperation and how we touch other people as we move through life… a cleverly constructed story of essential wisdoms with drop-dead beautiful illustrations… absolutely delightful!”

NEW ZEALAND HERALD - Camilla During “TOP PICK! New Zealand Children's picture books 2007.”

HERALD ON SUNDAY - Sarah Moore “Rich with metaphor, Cork is a touching tale of camaraderie, taking the good with the bad, and about the voyage one makes before finding one's soul-mate. Told in clever rhyming verse (somewhat Seuss-like), this is a beautifully produced New Zealand book with unique illustrations and an utterly charming storyline: certainly a book to be treasured. 5 STARS!”

UPSTART MAGAZINE - Geraldine (age 11) “This is a truly wonderful book. It is beautifully written - quirky, but graceful... I love the way the aqua blue sea runs through the middle of the pages and how the cork and all of the other creatures of the ocean have been sketched then roughly coloured in. My sister, aged 7, thought the cork was really 'cute'. We both really liked this book and gave it 5 out of 5!”

WWW.LITTLEBOYSTOYS.CO.NZ - Jo Couchman “This is the most beautifully written and illustrated book about the adventures of a cork on the ocean. It reads like poetry and seems to cast a spell over the boys when I read it to them. They especially love the flying fish, the shark from the deep, the octopus and the mermaid riding a dolphin of glass. The illustrations are simple yet perfectly capture the movement of the waves.”

MARLBOROUGH EXPRESS - Helen Hill “This is a beautifully produced book and while Rowan's illustrations might not appeal to everyone, I found their minimalist simplicity a perfect accompaniment for Sommerset's beautifully sophisticated rhyming story... Cork on the Ocean is a multi-layered story that will appeal to readers of many ages. It is rich in metaphor and contains a huge amount of wisdom, but it is also an adventure that will leave readers with an opportunity ask 'where to from here?”

WWW.MAGPIES.NET.AU - Trevor Agnew “The cheerful message and careful use of sounds and rhythms makes Cork on the Ocean a good book for reading aloud. Rowan Sommerset’s colour illustrations are deceptively simple. With their restrained colours (and subtle suggestions of facial expressions) they make the characters come alive.”