Di Challen, Kununurra, Western Australia “Please, please write a sequel to "I Love Lemonade". It's magnificent, seditious and side-splittingly funny. My partner and I are still laughing about it 24 hours later, and the children to whom I recently read the books (I work at a library) thought it hilarious. Thank you for your wonderful books.” | March 2013

Rochelle - Auckland City Libraries “Mark and Rowan Sommerset do not disappoint with this (I Love Lemonade) laugh-out-loud follow up to the highly successful “Baa Baa Smart Sheep”... What I loved about this book is that the text and illustrations are simple and very funny. Even without the text, the book would be able to convey the ongoing “rivalry” between the two main characters. For me, this is what makes the book so appealing to both very young and mature readers.”  | February 2013  

Nicky Johnston, Author - Australia “I just wanted to let you know that we received your book “I LOVE LEMONADE” is just wonderful! My hubby thinks it is the BEST book – it really tickled his fancy! He laughed and laughed, and was very impressed with the book, illustrations, website – quality and quirkiness! I haven’t even read it to the kids yet!! Hee hee” | November 2012

Aimee Puklowski - Foxton, New Zealand “I am a Mum to a 5yr old and 7 yr old who with out a doubt every night Baa Baa Smart Sheep is on their bed time book list to read out loud! Lots of giggles are had.  We purchased I Love Lemonade yesterday and it is now a favourite too.

I am also a Librarian and i can say that your books Baa Baa Smart Sheep and Two Little Bugs are never sitting on our shelfs they are always issued out and thoughly enjoyed buy all ages.  I have just finshed reading I Love Lemonade to 39 5 year olds and 4 teachers who laughed the whole way thru.  Keep up the wonderfull writting and magical illustrations we look forward to seeing more of your work!”  | November 2012

Jo Hood - Australia “This is SUCH A great book (I Love Lemonade). Bought one when I was home in NZ. Have had people laughing and laughing. Thank you.” | October 2012

Irene Wood - New Zealand “This book (I Love Lemonade) has us in hysterics. Adults and children. It is Keira’s (aged 5) favourite book but always has to be read in tandem with Baa Baa Smart sheep. She could not wait for it to be on sale and it has exceeded all expectations. Awesome Awesome book.”  | October 2012

Patricia Took-Stevens - Beautiful Loburn in North Canterbury, NZ “Hi - a fantastic sequel (I Love Lemonade).Will be placing an order soon.Sadly I will not be able to take advantage of your special as I did so with my last order - only have one grand child!! Have read Baa Baa Smart Sheep to many adult dinner guests.I have had them in stitches. I so love reading it aloud! Ciao for now” | October 2012

Pamela King, Teacher - Auckland, NZ “I read "I love lemonade" to my class today and loved watching their faces as i read. A lot of the children have read the first book in this series and were so animated and excited to find out what was happening.When I got right to the end, I asked the kids at the end what they thought of the book.......... "show me with your thumbs".Lots of kids put 2 thumbs up, again and again. One child said "heaps of thumbs. They  laughed all the way through the book. They loved it! Thank you!” | October 2012

Jaynie - Christchurch, NZ “We meet Mark on Waiheke in Sept and bought two of his and Rowan's books for our grandchildren, and have just bought another five !! Absolutely love everything about them, illustrations, storylines, logic, simplicity of a dream, gorgeous books. THANKS M and R, I'll keep watching your space.” | October 2012

Fiona Morrison - Whangaparaoa, NZ “Yesterday morning while making the kids breakfasts my 6yr old daughter Willow insisted I stop and listen to her read me a story. She then read Baa Baa Smart Sheep, which she'd just got out from the school library.  Well I laughed and laughed, its brilliant, for me its one of the best kids books I've heard. She read it with such expression and her quirky turkey voice was cool. I filmed her reading it again last night. Good work I wish I could write something so great.” | May 2012

Carla Munro - Cardrona, NZ “I went out and bought two of your 'Baa Baa Smart Sheep' books the other day as gifts for a new baby boy and a one year old daughter of a friend... I read the book start to finish and both me and the three year old ratbag I was reading it to, laughed hysterically!! What a great book!! Congrats on Baa Baa! It really is a fab book with timeless wit and it just brings biggies and littlies together for a jolly good chuckle!” | February 2012

Nikki - Auckland, NZ “Two Little Bugs – Wonderful wonderful book!  I bought it today. I love the story, the simplistic yet creative rhyme and the magical illustrations. Its also really clever how you have made the book interactive with the page shaping (leaves and holes), it creates a lovely difference to the book. Really magical!” | December 2011

Mary Green -  Whangarei, NZ “I absolutely love Two Little Bugs. Our Childcare Centre received this book as a christmas gift this morning from one of our parents and I read it to the children at mat-time. I could see they enjoyed listening to it as I enjoyed reading it. It is so well written as is the illustrations. The book encourages open group discussions which enables the children to ask and answer questions. I can't wait to read other books from Dreamboat.” | December 2011

Taryn - Auckland, NZ “Congratulations Team Sommerset on the new book - it is just wonderful, such a sweet story! It has been a "bug" hit in our home since Sunday. I must have read it ten times already - ha! :D” | December 2011 

John - Auckland, NZ “Two Little Bugs is delightful, I bought it for my nephew but I am tempted to keep it for myself.”  | December 2011

Susan - Ohakune, NZ “Two Little Bugs is fantastic!  So clever! wonderfully illustrated and beautifully presented. A very talented collaboration!” | November 2011

Kerri - Patumahoe School, NZ  “We were lucky to be one of the first school’s to hear and see ‘Two Little Bugs’ and what a gorgeous story it is. A lovely theme of friendship and ‘coming out from under your leaf and finding your wings” | November 2011

Diane @ - Auckland, NZ (The Silliest Dream) A typically rhythmic and rhyming - told in the first person - story of a silly dream as a child drifts off to sleep. Feeling themselves drifting up high above, through all seasons, day and night, it touches softly on loss. Silly it maybe, but it has that warm snuggle up feeling to it, thanks to Ingrid’s beautiful whispy painted illustrations and Marks clever text.” | November 2011 

Joanne Chaney - Auckland, NZ “Baa Baa Smart Sheep - 5 STARS! Brilliant book, I have read it dozens of times to my own children and have now introduced it to a class of year 3 children, where I am student teacher. They loved it so much I have created a unit of work around Baa Baa and Quirky which they will do in term 4. Thanks for producing such a great story.” | October 2011

Ekaterina - Moscow, Russia “Cork on the Ocean - 5 STARS! What a great book to read to your kids and to yourself;)! This story was loved by every kid with whom it was shared, from age 8 to age 16, and the adults who read it loved it even more!!” | September 2011

Faye - NZ “Hi dreamboats, We had a wonderful experience with BAA BAA SMART SHEEP in Wellington. Not only did Marlow love it (we must have, at his request, read it to him 10 times over 4 days) 5 of us so-called adults also played the characters and the theme continuously, with ongoing comments like "I'm a Turkey" or "It smells a bit like poo" whenever it was almost appropriate. Best of all was when Marlow sat at the dining room table unaware we were listening as he turned the pages and read the story, kinda in the right order, to Leopardy his best soft-toy friend. And did he really get the story's meaning? Didn't matter.... He certainly laughed in the right places!! Thank you for a wee piece of brilliance.” | September 2011

Porshia - Auckland, NZ “Thank you for coming to Viscount School. We apreciate your visit. we were so excited to meet you! Your book two little bugs and baa baa smart sheep were amazing. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Can you please say hi to baa baa smart sheep andquirky turkey for me! | September 2011

Debby Bayley - Paraparaumu, NZ “Baa Baa Smart Sheep - 5 STARS! Hillarious! My daughter was given this for her birthday. I will be buying it as Xmas presents for friends & family, loved it : )” | September 2011

Lucy - Kerikeri, NZ “My girls and I absolutely love Cork and the Bottle. Big credit to you both for creating such an inspirational piece of work! Many thanks and keep making such wonderful books :)” | September 2011

Lani Hartley - NZ “Just a note to let you know your book Baa Baa Smart Sheep is my daughters 1st book that she has actually wanted to read, she carts it around and will read it while walking and wants to read it all the time i tell you i know the words!!!! my girl is Chanel 7.3ys has difficulty in reading so thanks to you we have a break thru. :)” | September 2011

Cecily Fisher – Learning Area Selector for Visual and Early Literacy, National Library Services to Schools, NZ “Just want to congratulate you again on Baa Baa Smart Sheep, which I think is the most outstanding NZ picture book for many years. I reviewed this a while back for the National Library's Create Readers blog, under my Cecily's Shorts byline, and have used it with enormous success in presentations at schools. Well done for producing something so simple but original!” | July 2011

Rob Huggins – Auckland, NZ 5 STARS “I bought Baa Baa at the Kumeu Country Market one Sunday after a chat with the author Mark Sommerset. I thought the illustrations were awesome. My wife and I started reading Baa Baa to our daughter Sophia pretty much straight away and since then she hasn't wanted any other story! OK, so that's not quite true - she also wants Cork on the Ocean, and Cork and the Bottle! One of the great things about Baa Baa is its appeal to adults as well as children, and the way it's very interactive - I encourage all parents to buy it and see for themselves!” | May 2011

Jacquie – Auckland, NZ “My 4yr old son Luca LOVES Baa Baa and giggles his way through the story every time we read it. It has become a rainy day or bedtime favourite of his.” | May 2011

James – Auckland, NZ “Congratulations on the award. My children act out Baa Baa and Quirky to all our visitors!” | May 2011

Jackie – Teacher Auckland, NZ “Congratulations on a brilliant book (Baa Baa Smart Sheep). In my 30 years of teaching I have read 1000’s of books and this book is in my top 10. We were so inspired by this book that our librarian and I are dressing up as turkey and sheep and acting the story to our 800 children to launch our book week. All the best.” | May 2011

Fenella, Leo and Nate – Waikanae, NZ “We had the pleasure of meeting you both on Waiheke a couple of months back, and have since convinced our local book store to stock Baa Baa. Tomorrow we are giving our 6th copy of Baa Baa to a little gal for her birthday (with, of course a box of Smarties…the ultimate gift!) Cheers and congratulations on the award – hugely deserved!” | May 2011

Antonia, Jacques and Ayla – UK “Many congratulations! You have definitely fulfilled your goal of appealing to adults and children. My parents came to Waiheke when they were over visiting from the UK and bought Baa Baa Smart Sheep for our little girl, Ayla, and I love it, thank you.” | May 2011

Jo – Whangarei, NZ “Congrats on the award!!! That is awesome and well deserved. The kids at kindergarten loved it as did the parents. You guys are a fantastic team!” | May 2011

Sheryl Tilyard – NZ “I gave the book (Baa Baa Smart Sheep) to my grandson when he turned five and by the next day he could read it himself. We now read it like a play with each of us taking the part of the sheep or the turkey. It is really a great book and the children love it.” | May 2011

Veena - Tasmania, Australia “Wow, congratulations on winning the NZ Post Book Award. Baa Baa Smart Sheep continues to bring smiles and laughter to all. Looking forward to your next book.” | May 2011

Amanda-Jane, Teenage Services Librarian - Tauranga, NZ “I love your book(Baa Baa Smart Sheep)! It is full of humour and the artwork is fabulous!” | April 2011

Ruth, School Librarian - Rotorua, NZ “I have been showing teachers and children “Baa Baa Smart Sheep” for weeks now because it is so laugh-out-loud funny. Many times now I have heard someone utter “I’m a turkey” with a giggle! Your illustrations are divine.” | April 2011

Zac, Children's Librarian - Christchurch, NZ “Baa Baa is proving to be hugely popular with kids and I love reading it to them!” | April 2011

Tracey Kogut, Librarian - New Plymouth, NZ “Thank you for producing such entertaining reading and illustrations. I am fortunate enough to see the delight and laughter upon the faces of yrs 1-6's as they have been into the library and had Baa Baa Smart sheep read to them. We also have the 'Cork' books in our Library - well I should say 'not in the library' as they are never on the shelf but on their way home with another chiild as soon as they are returned. On behalf of the children and myself at Frankley School...THANK YOU AND PLEASE KEEP THE BOOKS COMING :) PS: Good luck with the NZ Post awards :)” | April 2011

Emma Bass - Auckland, NZ “The Silliest Dream - 5 STARS: A jewel of a book ... beautiful words and stunning artwork. More please!” | April 2011

The Harvey family & friends - Tasmania, Australia “Your amazing book has been taken to school for show and tell with the end result being a whole class of 5 year olds enjoying the story when their teacher decided to read Baa Baa Smart Sheep to them. Every adult who has read this book, and there are many, has laughed so much that it takes several attemps to read it all the way through without tears blurring the words. Thank you for giving us all a bit of fun. By the way The Silliest Dream is also a hit with our grandchildren.” | March 2011

Rich McCoy - KatiKati, NZ “My 11 year old daughter just read both 'Baa Baa Smart Sheep' and 'The Silliest Dream' to her 3 year old brother for home work and in her home work journal she gave them both a 10 out of 10. I think that's the first time she's done that.” | November 2010

Anne-Marie - NZ “This is an excellent children's book (Cork on the Ocean), I've read this to my daughter almost every night for over a her request! Thanks for the special times I've shared with my daughter!” | November 2010

Bonnie -North Vancouver, Canada “Thank you for once again bringing a smile to my face (and a tear to my eye). I just received "Cork and the Bottle". It is beautiful! Can't wait to share it with the boys. Thanks for sharing.”

Vicki - UK “Cork and the Bottle is the most fantastic book in every way - words and illustrations are just GORGEOUS. I've just re-read it to Elizabeth aged 8 and she and I feel bowled over, all over again.”

Danielle - NZ “I just want to say that I have fallen in love with 'Cork and the Bottle'. My husband and I were on our 7th year wedding anniversary in Tairua for the weekend having a much-needed break from our 2 darling little boys aged 1 and 2. I read this book in the store and actually had tears in my eyes. I felt like this was a story about the journey through our marriage, which has not always been easy. It summed up our love for one another in a way that I knew our children would understand. This book will be an absolute treasure in our house for years to come!! Thank you so much!”

Freddie - Hong Kong “Dear Mark and Rowan. I just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant books - My sister's godmother gave me Cork & the Ocean for my birthday and Cork and the bottle for Christmas, which arrived safely today. I hope to get book three. I hope you are having fun writing it and drawing the pictures! I wonder what it will be called? 'Cork and the...?”

Lisa - NZ “Thank you very much for your books, I love reading them to my step-daughter. They are so positive and always make us both smile :)”

Deborah - Australia “Absolutely beautiful books!”

Sarah - Auckland, NZ “Hi there, I first met Cork at a friends house and soon had about 8 children around me listening enthralled. It is a gorgeous book and one I intend to buy over and over again for various birthdays and christmas presents. To find a New Zealand picture book so beautifully written and illustrated that appeals to children and adults alike is a real treat.”

Abbie - Auckland, NZ “Hi, a friend of mine got a copy of Cork on the Ocean for my god daughter and I just thought it was the most beautiful book ever! i absolutely love the words - they are all just so true, think it just sends an amazing message to kids. I wanted some of my friends to have a copy too, so I bought three more. They will think the book is amazing too. beautiful work!! Thanks.”

Amanda - Melbourne, Australia “I'm always on the lookout for good presents for my friends' kids, so I grabbed a copy of Cork on the Ocean for a friends daughter. My friend moved to Switzerland and in the meantime I had my own kids and loved the book so much that I wanted a copy of my own! I think it is great, I practically know if off by heart and my twin girls are only 6 months old! Cheers.”

Holly - Gwynedd, UK “Hi Mark and Rowan,I came across Cork on the Ocean when i was staying in New Zealand. When i picked up your book i was captivated and read it the whole way through and I still to this day think its the most beautiful book i've ever read :) thank you very, very much for writing it and bringing so much joy to my life! i was very excited to see you had another book and i cannot wait to receive it here in the UK. I will continue to read your book to every class I have and enjoy watching them all bob up and down along with the rhythm of the words :)”

Sean - California, USA “Three years ago, while I was studying abroad in New Zealand, I fell in love with a girl named Jenny. I wanted to buy her a gift for her birthday, so I went to the local bookstore and found "Cork on the Ocean" on display. It was perfect - a story about an eager traveller from far away lands who finds the perfect-fit companion to keep him company. I read it to her and it was our story from then on.

I write this from Australia now, overjoyed to discover there's a second (and soon, third!) part to this adventure. Jenny and I have both moved here to be together after three years of being apart (finishing up our degrees). In some ways, this move feels like our own second instalment of the story. I've just now ordered "Cork and Bottle," and cannot wait to read it to her like I did the first time in New Zealand. In a few months, I'm moving back to the US for grad school while Jenny stays here in Australia. Separated by an ocean again, she and I will tell ourselves once more that "alone is a myth" and find comfort in the charming voyages of the cork. Thank you so much for continuing to write and illustrate these stories. I hope that by the time the third book is ready, Jenny and I will find ourselves reading it together, in the same place, with many of our own stories to tell.”

Carolyn - NZ “Hi. Just loved Cork on the Ocean - one of the most, if not the most, beautiful children's book I've ever read. Illustrations were outstanding as well - perfect compliment. I was amazed that this was your first effort to be published. Well, you've got true talent. Speaking as an aspiring children's writer, as far as I'm concerned you've set the bar. All the best for number two. PS. My three year old loves it too! Cheers”

Katie - San Diego, California “Dear Mark and Rowan. While Holidaying in New Zealand I came across your book. I was immediately attracted to the cover and illustration; the story line and message grabbed me from there. It's such a wonderful piece. Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt story!”

Melissa - Dorset, England “Hello. Your beautiful book was sent to me by my sister living outside Auckland for my child's 2nd birthday. I have actually purchased 2 more as presents. One is for an adult who is moving on to pastures new in his life and I felt the book has so many themes relevant. Sometimes the most poignant messages can be found in the simplest of stories. I must admit to crying several times when I read it! I think adults gain as much from your beautiful book as children do. I will be a lifelong fan and will order the sequel at some point. With thanks for bringing some serenity and beauty in a turbulent world! This really should be made into a film like the Snowman was... :)”

Melinda - NZ “I want to congratulate you on your beautiful book - it is truly heart-warming. I liked it so much I bought three copies - one for myself and one each for two close girlfriends who have just had little boys. I am sure they will love it as much as I do. I'm looking forward to the next Cork adventures! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful book.”

Sally - NZ “I think your book is wonderful - lovely lyrical language; neat messages for kids about facing challenges, helping each other and a really clever ending. The main character is very cute, quirky and likeable and the illustrations are excellent - very stylish and whimsical. Look forward to your next one!”

Zoe - UK “Hi There. I recently visited New Zealand from the UK and found cork on the ocean in a cafe called "The Funky Fish". I loved the book so much I spent a day of may holiday in search of a copy and found the last one in a shop in Dargaville. It's a wonderful book, I truly love it and it lifts my spirits whenever I look at it - thank you. The website says that cork in the ocean is the first of 3 books - where do I find the others?? I'm pleased the website has links to book shops - I intend to buy copies for everyone I care for! Thanks again for cork, he's lovely! Best wishes.”

Oliver - Minnesota, USA “I love this book! I'm and Ex-pat working in the USA here. My Aunty sent this book over for my daughter. I am not sure who loves it more - me or her. Thank you!”

Miriam - Southland, NZ “I bought your wonderful book for my son, which he loves, especially the shark. I personally love the message of your book and hope Jacob grows up understanding that message too!”

Debbie - St Peter's School, Cambridge, NZ “Hi there, I bought your picture book Cork in the Ocean last Friday while on holiday in Napier. I read it to my Year 8 class today and they all clapped at the end. We have had a great discussion about it as a lead into our picture book unit. Many thanks for a wonderfully warm and thought provoking book. I look forward to the next one. PS - My staff now want their own copy!!!”

Megan - NZ “Just wanted to let you know how much I adore the Cork On The Ocean. I first read the book when I was working for the local Library, and had to buy a copy for myself! I love the happy little cork, and read it often when I'm in the middle of exams or assignments as a way to make me smile :) Thanks heaps, and keep up the great work!”

Lane - Auckland, NZ “Dear Mark and Rowan. Cork on the ocean was a cool book and it really made me want to be an author and the illustrations were amazing. Hope you right some more like it.”

Barbara Kendall - Olympic Champion, NZ “An exciting and uplifting adventure. The more my daughter and I read it the more we see... we love it!’

Geoff Blackwell - PQ Publishing, NZ “A drop dead gorgeous book.”

Ken - Marlborough, NZ “Cork on the Ocean is a great book and has become a bed-time favourite of the whole family. My wife and I read it to the kids each night. Everyone sees something different in it.”

Jenny - teacher, Geurnsey, UK “I have been reading Cork on the Ocean to a class of Five year olds. They were very attentive with the boys loving the shark and the girls the butterfly. I also read it to a group of special needs 8 year olds. It kept their attention (not everything does!) and they enjoyed it. The illustrations are lovely - it's a really nice book to share.”

Sarah - Auckland, NZ “Wonderful! The whole family loves Cork on the Ocean. The little cork with the big heart and huge personality - I love his optimism!”

Jeff - Auckland, NZ “Just a quick note to say Cork is our new hero. Luved it. U have captured somthing so special with this little character & all his new wonderful friends. Cheers for creating somthing so powerful with somthing so simple. We forget so often how simple life can be. With out the downs we just cant experience the beauty of the ups. All about balance. Stunning illustration - beautiful story man. We cant wait to catch up with Cork & bottle on their next adventure. Signing off Two Dreadlock hippies visiting Waiheke. Cher.”

Tony - Christchurch, NZ “Hi 5 to you guys! I stumbled across your book the other day in Look Gallery in Christchurch. Loved it. Bought it. Will get more too because it will make a fantastic gift to those who will really appreciate it's beauty. Can't wait for the next one!”

Manja - Christchurch, NZ “Greetings O Corky Ones. I was on the hunt for some good NZ books for a little person who is not yet born - so I wandered off to the University Bookshop and planted myself on the floor in the children's book section and dug through the treasures for sale. I came upon Cork on the Ocean and fell in love immediately - just the sort of positive, wonderful and philosophical treasure I was looking for. Only problem is... I don't want to give it away... I'll have to go buy another one so I can spread the joy - but I'm keeping this one... because big people like picture books too (perhaps especially ex-librarians!). Thank you for your gem!”

Louise - UK “Hi there. This is just a quick question to ask if the cork on the ocean books will be coming out in the UK.... I live in Scotland but we have family in Auckland they sent a copy of cork on the ocean to my daughter. It's a fantastic book - great story - we both absolutely love it... it's a book that I would like to buy for my friends children and would also like to keep up with the story.... please, please bring the books out in the UK! thanx loads.”

Brodie - Auckland, NZ “We liked the story because it was funny and the cork made lots of friends on his adventure, the cork was very helpful to his friends, our whole class liked your book. Our teacher loved it as well. The cork was very kind to his friends, some of the corks friends were helpful to him like the Whale and the Pelican because they helped them travel across the sea and get to land to find the right fit for the cork like the bottle.”

Cushla - NZ “Hi. I've just read your book to my three and two year old boys and we all loved it. We read loads and loads of books together and this one I thought was just delightful so thank you and well done.”

Tania - Auckland, NZ “Great to meet you on that first day of spring.... I read your book this morning over breakie and loved it - found myself floating in thought and contemplation. My friend's daughter Sophie will love it I know, and I wonder if she will be able to read more and more between the lines, as she grows, having many adventures and journeys in her life.”

David - Te Akau ki Papamoa Primary School, NZ “We here at Te Akau ki Papamoa Primary School are truly enjoying the messages in your book 'Cork on the Ocean' which has been added to our school library. This book is especially enjoyed by our junior school pupils and fits nicely with our Environmental Schools focus here at Te Akau ki.”

Logan - NZ “Dear Mark and Rowan. Cork on the Ocean was a great book and I love the illustrations. You have got great rhyme and rythem. Now I really want to be an author. I love your books and look foward to see some more new great books.”

Liam - UK “The kids and my family love the book:) My Dad (a primary school teacher) read 'Cork on the Ocean' in assembly as part of national book day. Your writing has reached the UK and supplied a wave of enjoyment!”

Sophia - Japan “I have loved reading Cork on the Ocean and the rhymes very much. After coming back to Japan, I have trying to translate the story into Japanese in order to introduce it to my son. It was so difficult a task for my English ability, which needs a special talent and inspiration to translate. It is much joy for me to know that Cork is traveling along in the world giving his sincere and keen heart to happen-to-meet people in the midst of his own difficulties. Thank you!”

Brandy - Auckland, NZ “I just have to let you know my 2yr old boy absolutely LOVES Cork in the Ocean... he pretty much knows all the words and can finish the sentences as I read it to him EVERY night at least 3 times (his demands). It's a beautiful story and cant wait to get my hands on the new one...thank you so much for sharing your talents.”

Bonnie - North Vancouver, Canada “Thank you so much for bringing the cork into our world. We stumbled across Cork and the Ocean while visiting my parents in Auckland. My 4 year old was so taken by your book he decided to 'write' Cork and the Bottle by himself. Here is his version (sorry about the morbid ending!): 'The cork and the bottle go over big waves. They go through bad weather and nice weather. They sink until it gets darker and darker. They get eaten by a big fish' Cork and the Ocean has become one of our favourite bedtime stories for our 4 and 2 year old boys. We can't wait to get our hands on Cork and the Bottle! Your words and pictures are truly beautiful!!”